In the world of defence, there is no margin for error. That’s why for more than a century the world has turned to IMT Defence for its superior engineering, precision production and program management capabilities.

IMT Defence continues to deliver the highest quality metal parts in a wide variety of metals and alloys for medium to large calibre projectile bodies from 25mm to 155mm. We also provide vehicle systems, including drive shafts, suspensions, drive & track components for Canadian and U.S.  armoured vehicles such as Stryker LAV, Bradley and Abrams tanks.

Our customers benefit from the closely integrated production facilities located in the U.S. and Canada, bringing together machining, forging and finishing capabilities under the IMT umbrella.

IMT Boosts Production

While Canadian defence players haven't been manufacturing many guns lately, ammunition is another story. "I could hire ten people tomorrow," said Remo Assini, president of IMT Precision, which has seen a spurt in activity during the past year in the wake of major new...

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